Chakra Sets


Expanded Chakra Sets

Rounded Rectangles or
Small Mixed Mineral and Tumbled Stones

(9) Rounded Rectangles
Each piece is ~1.5″ length x 1.1″ width x 0.4″ height
Weight of set is approximately 0.6 lbs

(10) Small Mixed Mineral and Tumbled Stones
Each piece varies in size and average 1 gram
Weight of set is approximately 10 grams

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Chakra Sets are useful for working with your chakra energy and auric fields for the purpose of balancing your life force energy, removing blockages, and activating psycho-emotional changes.

Rounded Rectangles are particularly useful for placing directly on the body.  They are also easy to carry in your pocket for special purposes, like holding Sodalite to strengthen your communication skills while you are presenting in front of a group.  Choose one to keep under your pillow to enhance night-time healing, or place one on your alter (or in your mesa bundle) to integrate with your power objects.

The Small Mixed Mineral/Tumbled Stones are rich in color and are particularly useful for travel as part of your first-aid energy kit.


Chakra Set:  (9) Rounded Rectangles

1st Chakra Red Jasper: action, courage, endurance

2nd Chakra Orange Calcite:  joy, pleasure, sensuality

3rd Chakra Tiger Eye:  acuity, foresight, perseverance

4th Chakra Green Aventurine: centering, compassion, love

5th Chakra Blue Sodalite: communion, inner peace, trust

6th Chakra Blue Hawk’s Eye: clairvoyance, focus, insight

7th Chakra Amethyst Agate: divine connection, spirituality

*Including Grounding & Harmonizing Stones

White Agate: innate wisdom, supreme being (all dimensions)

Hematite: grounding and clearing (root chakra)

Comes in a White Leather Pouch
Includes Guided Exercise


Chakra Set:  (10) Mixed Mineral/Tumbled Stones

1st Chakra Ruby: centering, confidence, courage

2nd Chakra Carnelian: creativity, sensuality, vitality

3rd Chakra Citrine: delight, empowerment, joy

4th Chakra Emerald: calming, cooling, soothing

5th Chakra Blue Apatite: clarity, communication

6th Chakra Lapis: inner vision, telepathy, truth

7th Chakra Amethyst: divine connection, spirituality

8th/4th Chakra Rose Quartz: unconditional love

*Including Grounding & Harmonizing Stones

Quartz Point: program and amplify intention (all dimensions) 

Octahedral Magnetite: balancing, releasing, rooting (root chakra)

Comes in a Gold Organza Pouch
Includes Guided Exercise

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Chakra Set

Rounded Rectangles, Small Mixed Stones