Meet the Founder

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Kirby Seid

Kirby Seid is a teacher with an emphasis on both metaphysical and healing applications. He is dedicated to building relationships between the crystal/mineral kingdom and the evolution of human consciousness. For over 30 years, Kirby has traveled the world gathering crystals and artifacts.  He leads crystal workshops and designs tools for healing and shamanic practices. 

He is also director of Ancient Technologies; a business dedicated to the advancement of Resonant Light, combining natural quartz crystals with colored light to create profound transcendent states of awareness. He has developed the Light Labyrinth and Holotope in collaboration with artists from the San Francisco Exploratorium and engineers from Apple.

Kirby collaborates with his partner, Hillary, who is our website creator, event manager, writer,  photo/videographer, and composer of virtual and actual crystal showrooms. Together they are passionate about combining technology, the sciences and the sacred, and facilitating an experience of beauty, co-creation, and self discovery for groups and individuals.