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Crystal Geometries, Chakras, and Color Therapy

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Crystal Geometries, Chakras, and Color Therapy 

October 21, 2021

7:00 – 9:00 PM PST

(2-hour online class)

In the first hour of this workshop, Kirby Seid will introduce the seven crystal systems. He will also discuss energy, energetic resonance, the chakras, and how resonance affects the human energy field.  This will be followed by a crystal and chakra exercise.

In the second hour, Kirby will introduce various healing tools including: Vogels, crystals skulls, the ancient crystal skull ShaNaRa, and two meditative light technologies. There will be two short color therapy meditations that combine aspects of Nature, Art, Science and the Sacred within all things.

You are invited to explore the synergy of crystals, color, light and sacred geometry for a journey of healing and transcendent states of consciousness. We will be presenting this class as part of the 2021 Fall Conference for the Canadian Society of Questers. This conference will be conducted online from September 16 – October 28. Registration is FREE with $45 (CAN) annual membership.

If you’re curious to get a taste for the class,
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Crystal Chakra Sets for practicing class exercise may be purchased beforehand at


AIM Event Flyer