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I3 Very Large Double Terminated Crystal on Tabular Crystal
This is a spectacular natural crystal combo. It looks like a rocket ship. The upper crystal a very unique one of a kind huge double terminated quartz crystal naturally mounted on a tabular crystal base. It is ready for any of your programs, projects or relationships to take off in a big way - initiation, breakthrough, quantum leap! Quartz amplifies, stores, focuses, transmits and transforms energy, and can be programmed with the resonance of what you wish to send out into your world, which will be amplified into the earth's energy field and the etheric realms. When working with quartz it is a good idea to imagine your clear positive intention- for yourself, for others, or for the world. Clear Quartz can be used for meditation, healing, communication with your guides, co creation, multidimensional travel, dreaming, prosperity and more. Because it stores and amplifies energy it is a good idea to periodically cleanse your quartz. See Crystal Care.

Height: 12.5”
Width: 11”
Weight: 44 lbs
Price: $5190
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