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G13 White Quartz carving
This is an exquisite carving of a shell with a frog in white quartz. It is hand carved with very high detail. It comes with a carved stand. White quartz is a spectacularly bright white stone and achieves this white color as a result of the lack of various other mineral deposits within the stone. Historically, the peasants of the north of Ireland called these God stones. It was used in burials supposedly as a symbol of purity, guiding the way to the light. In some places it was looked upon as a powerful talisman, and water in which it had been dipped was said to cure diseases. White Quartz, like clear quartz, is great for meditation and healing environments as it brings harmony, clarity of thought and purpose and stimulates psychic perception. The frog and shell both symbolize the element of water. Frogs also symbolize hidden beauty, power, peace and emotional healing.

Length: 10” long
Height: 5.5”
Price: $748
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