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C8 Long Quartz Generator Wand
A powerful clear wand. It is very long and includes great airy and watery inclusions. It has lovely rainbows, fiery reflective planes. This special wand has a lot of action inside, and is ready for dynamic programming and magic. Clear quartz is great for meditation and healing environments as it brings harmony, clarity of thought and purpose and stimulates psychic perception. Quartz amplifies, stores, focuses, transmits and transforms energy, and can be programmed with the resonance of what you wish to send out into your world, which will be amplified into the earth's energy field and the etheric realms. When working with quartz it is a good idea to imagine your clear positive intention - for yourself, for others, or for the world.

Length: 14” long
Width: 2”
Weight: 3.85 lbs
Price: $448
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