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A6 Cathedral Vortex
This is a lovely light smokey cathedral crystal. It is shaped like an open hand and many of its crystals are stacked in a vortex shape. This piece is full of fine detail and character. Cathedral quartz crystals have a very gentle and powerful energy. They are often highly etched and many have record keepers in them. The way they form creates energies that are good for moving forward and helping to prevent stagnation and regression. They are associated with the higher realms and high vibrations. They can store a lot of information. Cathedrals assist in connecting with angelic realms. Their gentle, calming energy are beneficial for individual and group meditation and healing work. Cathedral quartz crystals are master healers and work with all levels and chakras.

Length: 15"
Width: 13”
Depth: 7.2"
Weight: 40 lbs
Price: $4,200
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